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This site is all about me! Things that I like, stuff that I do. I blog in the hope of helping someone someday somewhere with something I struggled with. I'm curious if someone really reads this text till the end.

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Skills and Knowledge

Main Coding Skills

  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java

  • Tensorflow, Xamarin

  • VisualStudio, TFS, WinServer

.NET Development

With 5 being the highest

Web Development

With 5 being the highest


  • Master Computer Science in Software Architecture & -Design since 2018
  • Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera 2016
  • ISTQB Foundation 2016
  • ITIL Vantage 2015
  • Bachelor in Computer Science since 2014
  • MCP 70-410 2014
  • A-Level 2010
  • Business English BEC 2010

Let's Get In Touch!

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